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All the designs found in this collection are inspired by the little bright lights in our lives. Most of the art is made while I'm hanging out with my nephews doing painting projects and telling stories so a lot of it they contributed to as well.

My family has learned a lot about childhood cancer this last year and the constant struggle and rollercoaster ride that it brings to the child and family, due to my nephew age 6 battling Medulloblastoma. So I have decided to make this section of my site for raising awareness for these incredible kids.

A portion of the profit from products with these designs will go to helping the families of children with cancer whether by donating to a larger institution or directly to a family that I am aware of that needs help. When I figure a more efficient way of doing this I will but to get started this seems the easiest. 

Designs that are made for a specific child or campaign, I will give 100% of the profit minus the production, taxes & shipping costs to that child's family. 

I will have links to the Go Fund Me page or website to any family that is featured so that if you wish to send them a gift directly you can do that as well.

Once you let the inspiring stories of these little ones affect you it's pretty hard to see our personal aggravations as anything else but trivial. The scary thing is that childhood cancer seems to affect more and more of us at a frightening pace.

If you are a family, an artist or someone that would like to be a part of this project feel free to drop me an email.

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